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Anomaly E-2319

File no. MFA-E.2319-██████████

Description: Humanoid entity with feminine features. Height 2.8 meters. Emaciated and dirty appearance, long lank dark hair, observed to be dressed in rags.  Anomalous features include elongated nails on eight-digit hands at the end of elongated upper extremities.  Surrounded by smokey substance, smelling of cinnamon and cloves.  Predatory behavior exhibited in past observances.  Entity is seemingly drawn to escalation of hostilities in the Iron Corridor, based on the record of appearances. 


Small arms fire may stun or slow the entity but will not neutralize it even with copious ammunition.  The only known containment method concerns binding the entity with chains forged of beryllium bronze and inscribed with thaumaturgical runes. 




Report no. ████████████████████


Numerous reports from Romanian locals about “a tall homeless woman attacking soldiers” led personnel to mobilize in search of the anomaly.  Starting in the area of the most recent reports, squad members begin patrolling and searching for the anomaly with infrared cameras.  Mobile containment squad identifies the anomaly in a small village, twenty-three kilometers north of Bucharest.  The entity was stalking individuals around a military checkpoint. Before the entity can attack the militia, personnel stun the entity with small arms fire and bind it with the prepared chains.  Two members of the squad are killed in the attempt, but personnel are able to secure the entity within a reinforced box built into their armored personnel carrier. 


While en route to Bucharest to contain the anomaly, the armored personnel carrier was intercepted by an Eastern Federation patrol.  Small arms fire is traded between personnel and Soviet forces.  An RPG was fired into the side of the armored personnel carrier during the exchange, exposing the entity to the open air.  No further communications are received.


Summary of findings:

Examination of the scene revealed sixteen deceased among Soviet forces and five dead Mortfield’s personnel.  There were no survivors.  Wounds consistent with claws were present on all bodies, exhibiting puncture wounds even through personal armor.  All cadavers were opened up from sternum to throat.  One Soviet soldier exhibited bite marks on the inside of his trachea and esophagus.  Several meters into the surrounding trees, a pile of organs and viscera were found.  Molds of several organs were taken and reveal teeth patterns reminiscent of sharks.




NBC file recovered during raid – 10/13/1991

The NBC performed several rounds of interviews with locals around sightings of the anomaly.  Excepts presented for review:


Nicoleta Albescu: “My grandmother told me that she heard stories of the Muma since the Great War.  Always in forests or near them.”


NBC Investigator: “Muma means mother, correct?”


Nicoleta Albescu: “That’s right, I guess they named her after an old legend of the mother of the forest, Muma Pădurii.”


NBC Investigator: “Why?”


Nicoleta Albescu: “Who knows why peasants do what they do?  Maybe because she never attacks the locals.  Maybe because she’s so ruthless with soldiers.  Any soldiers. My grandmother told me she ate the spleen out of a German commander in 1941, right in front of her.  Then she turned on the local militia too.  She wasn’t the most reliable storyteller, my grandmother, but the look in her eyes when she told me this.  Terrified of it, right up until the day she died.”


NBC Investigator: “Have you ever seen the creature?”


Nicoleta Albescu: “The Muma? No.  But I’ve heard her.”


NBC Investigator: “Please explain.”


Nicoleta Albescu: “She sings.  Among the trees.  You can hear her if you’re near the forest after dark.”


NBC Investigator: “How do you know it’s the creature singing?”


Nicoleta Albescu: “We know.  It couldn’t be anyone else. We just know.”


NBC Investigator: “What does she sing about?”


Nicoleta Albescu: “Her dead.  What does anyone sing about here?  She sings for her dead.”



Incident Log – 12/13/2009


Foreword: In the early morning of the day following the above incident, Tracker Team 7 was mobilized to the area of the incident between Mortfield’s personnel and the Eastern Federation forces. The anomaly was tracked through the snow to Edenland Park, a forested leisure park for horseback riding and rope trails.  Tracker Team 7 was took point to identify the anomaly’s presence while a more sizeable force surrounded the area to cut off escape.


Personnel present: Members of Tracker Team 7 – Alpha, Beta, Gamma


[Alpha, Beta, and Gamma approach the edge of the park.]


Alpha: Command, we’ve reached the edge of the park.  Given the details on the anomaly, we’re expecting to find it within.


Command: Clarify?


Beta: It’s a forest, close to one as can be this close to a city or whatever’s left of it.


Alpha: Permission to proceed?


Command: Affirmative.  Call for reinforcements if you can confirm the presence of the anomaly.


[The tracker team heads into the park following the trail of footprints in the snow.  Gamma points out a few drops of blood.]


Alpha: Please confirm, we thought this thing was invulnerable to gunfire?


Command:  Negative, it can be wounded.  We just haven’t been able to neutralize the entity with small arms fire.  It’s possible it has an anomalously strong system and can sustain much more fire than it would usually take.


Alpha: Understood. 


[The personnel pursue the tracks deeper and deeper into the park.  Two hours pass without incident.]


Command: Tracker team, come in.  We’ve lost you on GPS.  Situation report?


Beta: How wide is this park?  North to south.


Command: Approximately three kilometers.


Gamma: We’re way past that.


[The team members examine the area.  The trees have grown less and less landscaped and resemble a natural forest.  All aspects of a trail are gone, except for the tracks they have been following.]


Alpha: Command, we’re off the map here.  We’re pulling out.


Command: Confirmed, withdraw the way you came in and hopefully you pop up on the GPS again.  We’re sending evac now, keep and eye out and signal if you make contact.


Alpha:  Affirmative.


[The team begins retreating the way they came, following the tracks back through the trees.  After fifteen minutes, the tracks are no longer visible.]


Alpha:  Command, come in.


[No response is forthcoming.]


Alpha: Command, I repeat, come in.


[Beta shakes his head. Gamma checks the radio.]


Gamma: Nothing. No signal.


Alpha: Fuck.  And where’s the tracks?


[A wailing song can be heard on the recording.]


Grigori Karpin

Michael Lee-Graham


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