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Anomaly S-1321

Description: The anomaly is the structure of an old-fashioned well. Stone wall, wooden roof, winch and metal pail.

There is no pit sunk below the edge of the well, no shaft to a source of water. It is solely stone, wood and metal. The anomaly only appears to be the structure of a well. The structure is not made up of constituent parts like a stone wall would normally be but entirely one continuous form – molecularly bonded, stone to wood, wood to metal and back.

The anomaly was discovered in rural Galway County, Ireland, on 1 September, 1982. The landowner had no knowledge of the structure prior to its discovery.

Mortfield Industries agents were alerted to the presence of the anomaly by embedded agents within the local Garda Síochána after several locals complained of anomalous weather patterns in a very localized area.

Every seventy-two minutes a blue vapor flows out from the structure of the anomaly, spreading out approximately 200 meters. Testing has shown that the mist is made up of 95% water, 2% sulfur and 3% human blood. Genotype testing revealed that the blood all matched a single genetic source – an adult male of Irish descent.

As the structure of the anomaly was not connected to a central well, the anomaly was moved to a Mortfield Industries facility in Dublin for containment and study.


For exactly 30 days, the anomaly continued its behavior like clockwork. Every seventy-two minutes, the vapor was expelled from the structure of the anomaly, lasting for roughly seven minutes and twelve seconds before dissipating without leaving any evidence of its presence. On day 36 of containment, the anomaly’s behavior changed slightly. The vapor began painting words faintly on the walls of containment, with heavier concentrations of blood and sulfur at specific sections of the surface. The origin of these messages is unknown. Below is a selection of observed messages.

10/10/1982 – Why is this happ

02/12/1982 – Is anyone there?

19/02/1983 – I didn’t want this.

11/04/1983 – How long has it been?

28/06/1983 – Please.

17/08/1983 – It’s so cold.

Review of land use records going back to the 18th century revealed that only one well had ever been dug on the property the anomaly was discovered on. Careful review of the records note the presence of a well sited roughly where the anomaly was found. The well was apparent on a survey dated 1875 but was missing by the next recorded survey in 1910.

The second of these surveys was prompted by the transfer of land from one family to another. In 1910, the property’s prior owner, Jacob O'Neill moved from Galway to London with the proceeds of that sale as he was the last living member of the O'Neill family.

Jacob had always wanted to live in the big city. But his father would never let him go. “This land has always belonged to an O'Neill, and as long as I’m alive, it will continue to do so.”

Jacob O'Neill never married or had children. He lived until 31 August, 1982 and died of complications from pneumonia.


Grigori Karpin

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