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Enemy Mine

Personal Notes from ███████████████, Vice President of Logistics, Mortfield Industries.

Date: March 18th 2013

Analysis Summary: Coalwood, West Virginia is notable in two ways. First, that despite coal mining generally declining in the US for quite some time, the industry has remained active and productive there. Of course second is that deep inside the primary mine west of town there is a wormhole that leads to Ruda Śląska, Poland.


At first, anomaly T-7358 was not fully understood. Mortfield Industries bought the property as they believed to have found an unexpectedly large deposit of coal. Then in 2008, miners from the Polish side of the mine breached the American side and everyone left confused. It is still not precisely known how or where the juncture point of the wormhole is between the two locations as it is too deep to properly measure the ████████████████ levels. The unfortunate part is that the NBC on the Federation's side immediately became aware of the location as well.

Now we're at a bit of a standoff. On the one hand, this portal could really be useful if we ever needed to travel quickly to central Europe. It is believed that open dialogue is still possible with the nations inside the Iron Corridor. Even if the Federation is attempting to push its weight around, I think we can give an equal amount of push in the opposite direction.

But moreover, I think this could be useful in shipping our military assets through. If we widened the mine properly we could transport all sorts of military equipment through to Poland and then transport them anywhere else in the Iron Corridor for sale. The threats of blockade and interference from the Federation are going to be pretty meaningless if West Virginia and Poland now technically border each other.

Last year, transport through this wormhole accounted for 37% of all arms shipments to the Iron Corridor. I think we can possibly increase those numbers considerably over the next decade. One possible snag has already been mentioned. Since the Federation has full knowledge of the portal's existence due to certain sympathetic individuals on the Polish side, it is wholly possible that the NBC will do their level best to close the wormhole.

Normally I'd say we can count on the people of Poland to value their own profit over their political sympathies, but if the dissolution of the Soviet Union proved anything it's that things can change quickly.

I believe it is in our best interest to secure a military foothold on both sides of the wormhole. Moreover, we should be establishing a full base inside Ruda Śląska. I know the Polish government is espousing a neutral stance in the current conflict between the Allied Nations and the Federation, but I think we can all agree that they won't turn down more weapons to defend themselves from their neighbors. You can't be neutral if your neighbor has more guns than you, after all.

Though to be fair, while we will seek Polish permission, it is not necessary. With assistance from the US military, we could easily establish a foothold on the other side of the portal. And I imagine the US Military would love to explore the potential logistical benefits of a portal to Central Europe.

Either way, I think this is going to be a heavy focus in the next decade for our company.


Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian

Ignota IronShears


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