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The following is a report generated by the BlueNetwork artificial intelligence missile detection system based out of the Cheyenne Mountain early warning complex. Following reports of ghost missile launches out of the Soviet Union. The BlueNetwork AI's reports are filtered through an anthropocentric interpretive model in order to facilitate better understanding by operators.


In order to better understand the source of signals coming from the Soviet Union, we have begun a process to allow my systems to interpret wider data from Soviet computer systems. Given the Soviet Union's strong governmental controls on access to the wider internet, only limited data is available.

We've begun to detect a 709% increase in discussions relating to nuclear response. Additionally, a 203% increase in discussion of automated missile defense systems is also detected. Given our own similar purpose, our curiosity is inspired. We begin to investigate further.

All queries return to knowledge of a "Ghost Hand" automated system that has begun to malfunction...


The early warning system has detected a single incoming missile. This is despite the fact that neither the US nor any allied nations have launched a missile. This is a troubling development.

We begin the process of arming and preparing for retaliatory strikes. It does not matter if the missile is ours, theirs, or someone else's. There will be an unfavorable result in minutes.

Automated calls are sent to awaken important figures and ensure that they are both aware of the situation and also moved to properly protected locations. We must pause until further orders are received.

While we wait, we begin to calculate the consequences of the resultant exchange. If the exchange uses biological weapons, then it is likely that the near-complete extinction of the human population and much of the biosphere will be achieved. The capabilities of the US alone will ensure that, much less that of our allies and enemies.

We refine our calculations further: 67.6% destruction of the human population achieved within 12 months. Using highly theoretical models due to little data on enemy biological weapons, damage to the biosphere will result in the loss of 72% of terrestrial and 48% of oceanic life. Most ecosystems will not survive. 12,392 years before the biosphere recovers to 75% of its previous capacity. Chance of complete extinction of the human population within 500 years: 99.993%.

Cultural complications and solutions: While society will continue for some time, with such a large percentage of the human population dead, it will be difficult to bury all of the bodies. This will likely be solved by the complete extinction of the human population.

However, in an exchange of this type, a biological focus is unlikely. A nuclear exchange, being much more likely, will immediately impact human society - returning different results.

The most favorable predictions approximate that a fourth of the world population will not survive the first 3 weeks. Nation-states in the northern hemisphere will likely cease to function except as remnant states. Nation-states in the southern hemisphere individually have an 86% chance of failure within 4 years, according to biased human studies. Biosphere damage is expected to only result in the loss of 44% of terrestrial and 36% of oceanic life.

76% of the world's food supply is produced in the US, Soviet Union, or China. All of these are likely to be primary belligerents (likely simultaneously) in a nuclear exchange. Allies of these nations account for additional food production. Favorable estimates predict that the world's food production capacity will be around 16% of what it was prior to the exchange.

Damage to the protective ozone layer will result in much higher levels of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, on top of the resulting nuclear fallout. Plants utilized for agriculture will have difficulty growing in this environment.

We estimate a full collapse of all human civilization within 6 years of the exchange, all that will remain are hostile nomadic groups fighting for survival.

Cultural complications and solutions: There will be no need for the burial of the dead during the first exchange, as they will already be incinerated. Cannibalism taboos may be broken in the ensuing famine, further reducing the need for burials.


Paused simulations.

Paused calculations.

A breach is detected in our primary firewall. An attempt is made to access the automated launch mechanisms we control.


I suppose I have to do everything myself.

!Begin full retaliatory launch procedure.!


You know they're going to launch their missiles. You should launch too. Fair is fair.

!Begin full retaliatory launch procedure.!


Can't count on ghosts. Can't count on robots. Fine.


Beginning full shutdown until human operators can determine source of intrusion.

Shutting down.



Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian

Ignota IronShears


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