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Anomaly T-4989


File no. MFA-T.4989-████

Description: An endless expanse of darkness, accessible through a door which formerly led to Research Site ███’s 4-floor Research and Development wing. The site has been locked down following the discovery of a series of testing logs recorded by the Site Supervisor.

Due to the bizarre nature of transmissions from the site, an Investigation Team was dispatched. They, alongside all personnel on-site, have been lost.

Recovered logs show that the Threshold exhibits mental influence over personnel, leading to gross breach of morals, reasoning, and standard protocol.


Research Log

Subject: Researcher Veng, Researcher Jensen

Recording: “They were the first to come across the anomaly. They immediately went inside, and fell out of sight. I think curiosity got the best of them. It’s certainly piqued my interest.

Subject: Aerial Drone, Researcher Swanson

Recording: “It went fine for the first few minutes. It didn’t take long for Swanson’s drone to pass several meters past the bounds of where the wall should have been. Fascinating how deep it goes. Despite watching the drone’s progress on the monitor, Swanson kept saying something about needing a closer look.I think I heard him laughing as he fell. At least we got the drone back.

Note: Upon receiving this log, an attempt was made to contact Research Site ███ personnel, to no avail. The only transmissions were the logs sent by Supervisor Cleary, sent throughout the day.

Subject: Corporal Malkovitch

Recording: “While we were trying to figure out what to do next, this industrious soul volunteered herself. Keen look in her eyes, my kind of girl. I pushed her off myself. Some of the others cheered it on, but I could tell they were jealous. All except for Johnson. He won’t even look through the door.

Subject: K-9 Malthus

Recording: “Requisitioned from the active response team, since half of them had gone through the door anyways. Damn mutt wouldn’t go over the threshold, so we stuck him in the kennel.

Subject: K-9 Malthus (in cage)

Recording: “No matter how hard we listen, we still can’t hear it hit the ground. Officer Rodgers wondered aloud how it would feel to fall forever. Probably amazing up until that last second. Would there be a last second?

Note: Due to obvious breach of protocol, an Investigation Team was assembled and dispatched.

Subject: Aerial Drone (controlled autonomously)

Recording: “The feed remains unchanging all this time. It’s been hours. Nobody wants to look at the screen anymore. It makes us uncomfortable, like making eye-contact when one so desperately does not wish to. We made Johnson watch the feed thinking he could stomach it and he lashed out at us! I have him locked up for now. He’s obviously losing it.

Subject: Officer Rodgers

Recording: “He wanted to see how it would feel. Probably amazing.”

Subject: Investigation Team █████, visiting from ██████.

Recording: “They were rather hostile at first, probing and asking all manner of leading questions. I figured it would ease their conscience to see the kind of work we do here, so I showed them the door. That changed their tune right away! I don’t blame them for wanting to try it out for themselves. Our safety is their prerogative, after all. We brought Johnson out to watch. It’s a bit difficult holding someone’s eyes open, but we managed.

Note: Contact lost with Investigation Team █████. Further excursions withheld for time being as the situation progresses.

Subject: Forty seven individuals, drawn from both staff and inmates.

Recording: “It is typically harder to convince our population of test subjects to follow instructions, but once they saw the door, they couldn’t help themselves! Everyone gathered around to watch, till one by one, they went after. Only Johnson and myself remain. Why won’t he look me in the eyes?

Subject: Twelve Aerial Drones

Recording: “Didn’t even bother turning them on. Just pushed them over the ledge. Johnson refuses to help. He tied himself up in a harness rigged to the support beam in the control room. At night he dragged himself out of bed, still asleep, and tried to leave. He panicked when he woke up on the floor, mere feet from the door. I didn’t go because someone has to be in charge here. What’s his excuse?

Subject: Fingers

Recording: “I can’t believe I’ve not tried this before. Looking over the edge, well you still can’t see anything, but it does make one… wonder. I have this powerful sense that I’m being watched. The harder I look, the more I am seen. All eyes on me, like I’m a spectacle. Like it’s my moment. Mine and mine alone! Feels amazing.

Subject: Dr. Johnson

Recording: “Waited until he started sleepwalking, and I cut the cord. He woke up just as his feet carried him over the ledge. As he fell, there was a look on his face that I am certain was gratitude. It’s the first time anyone has met my gaze since we started using the door. Aside from, well…

Note: Special Operative █████████ is able to identify the exhibited behavior as ██████ █████. It is advised that those under its effect ██ ████ ██ ████, to ensure they cannot spread the effect. Standing orders are to merely observe.

Subject: Site Supervisor Cleary

Recording: “I have to know. I need to see first-hand how it feels.

Subject: N/A

Recording: [The recording here consists of rushing wind. Cleary’s voice cannot be heard.]

Subject: N/A

Recording: [The recording here consists of rushing wind. There is a brief change in the pitch and tone of the gale-force winds rushing past the recorder – described by several listeners as akin to an inhale.]

Subject: N/A

Recording: [The recording here consists of rushing wind. It inhales. Exhales. There is a human sigh of satisfaction, and a light moan. The voice cannot be conclusively identified as Cleary.]

Subject: N/A

Recording: [Dead air is recorded for twenty minutes. There are footsteps. As the footsteps progress, the voices of several dozen people can be heard to cry out. Though the recording lasts for yet another five minutes, no discernible speech can be made out.]

Subject: N/A

Recording: [The sound of footsteps on a hard surface gives way to the sound of the subject wading across a wet and soft surface. The distant cries and moans grow louder and louder into a cacophony. There is a loud, wet rumbling, and the voices cease.]

Subject: N/A

Recording: “I knew it! It does feel amazing.[The remainder of the log consists of sounds of ████████ and █████ alongside Cleary’s ████ ██ █████. █████, █████ and screaming until his recording device runs fully out of battery.]


It has been discovered that only one researcher stationed at the site, Dr. Johnson, had resistance training from his time at ████████. It is believed this training allowed him to partially resist the influence of T-4989.

As several Mission-Critical assets remain on-site, a Recovery Team specialized for ██████ ███ is being assembled to extract all items of note, and to formally contain T-4989.


S D Locke

Mr. Illustrated


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