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Anomaly E-3917


File no. MFA-E.3197-█████

Description: Razor-thin humanoid entity, consisting of a chaotic assemblage of glass panels that change in configuration with its movement. Though outwardly reminiscent of stained glass, the body is absent of cames or any form of iron working to separate panels; the panes that shift with its movement do so with a grating screech of glass-against-glass. The panes themselves are free of artwork or intricate detail, being wholly colored in shades of blue, red, gold, and green, with signs of putting and corrosion across their surface.

Anomaly exhibits hostile behavior, lashing out at any living thing in its vicinity indiscriminately. It uses its edges to slash and hack at victims until they are reduced to an unrecognizable heap of viscera.

Though easily dispatched through small arms fire and physical impacts sufficient to disrupt its form, it can reconstitute through any reflective surface within 5m of its last physical location. Occluding or covering reflective surfaces is sufficient to prevent the anomaly from manifesting within it.

Notably, the entity itself does not have a reflection.

The anomaly was initially captured and held in detention through the use of parallel reflective surfaces to create an infinite mirror from which it was kept in stasis. The mirrors were held at Forward Operating Base Rosomak and restrained the anomaly for five years until Eastern Federation operatives assaulted the compound. A small explosion breached the room holding the mirrors, shattering one.

Though there is ample footage of the entire engagement with EF operatives, the following file has been truncated to focus on E-3917’s actions during the event.


Video Log - 12/16/████ 23:54:

Location: Forward Operating Base Rosomak - Sublevel B2

Parties Involved: S.O. Adam Meyers, S.O Aleksander Beckert; E-3917; Unidentified Eastern Federation Operatives

B2: Hallway Junction - Three EF operatives can be seen at the far end of the corridor, taking cover behind the corners of intersecting halls. They’re in full protective gear, faces hidden under tactical helmets with reflective visors. In the foreground, two Security Officers (Meyers and Beckert) open fire from behind the cover of a large crate. The camera pans away as EF forces return fire, allowing a single operative to advance down the hall at a run while Meyers and Beckert take cover.

B2: Stasis Cell 3197 - The space around the door can be seen to light up with flashes as Security returns fire. The mirrors trapping E-3197 sit to the left of the frame.

B2: Hallway Junction - The camera pans back into the main hallway. The advancing EF operative has taken cover in an alcove mid-way through the hall. There’s blood spattered on the ground, and his weapon lay abandoned and out of reach. The pair of EF operatives in the distance open fire, pinning down Security. As the camera pans away the injured operative can be seen sticking out of cover and lobbing a crude explosive device that lands against the wall near the crate.

B2: Stasis Cell-3197 - The feed is shaken by an explosion that opens an aperture into the hallway. The force of the blast damages the rigging of one of the stasis mirrors, causing it to fall forward against the opposing mirror and shatter it. E-3197’s hands emerge from the fallen mirror.

B2: Hallway Junction - Silt and smoke from the explosion slightly obstruct vision. The camera pans away from the adjoining hallway terminus, where Security forces retreated from the blast. In the main hall, the crate in the foreground has been destroyed, as well as a sizable portion of the wall. The two distant EF operatives quickly advance with guns at the ready.

The injured operative, bleeding from a shoulder wound, exits from cover to retrieve his weapon. It is as he stoops to pick up his weapon that E-3197 charges through the aperture, slicing diagonally with its arm and bisecting the EF operative. The camera pans away as the other two open fire, destroying E-3197.

B2: Stasis Cell-3197 - E-3197 claws out from the mirror, collapsing on the floor. It races back toward the hallway.

B2: Hallway Junction - Meyers and Beckert have made their way to the end of the adjoining hall. The camera pans to the main hall in time to record E-3197 leaping bodily through and eviscerating one of the assailants. It is dispatched by the sole remaining EF operative, who enters the aperture into Stasis Cell-3197.

B2: Stasis Cell-3197 - The EF operative enters the room in time to see E-3197’s hands emerging from the mirror. He quickly comes around and opens fire, destroying the mirror and causing the exposed pieces of E-3197 to shatter.

B2: Hallway Terminus - Beckert is on the station terminal, working to place floor B2 on lockdown. Meyers stands at the ready beside him. In the distance, the EF operative pokes his head around the corner.

Suddenly, the camera glass is obscured and destroyed.

B2: Hallway Junction - The camera pans to face the hallway terminus where Security personnel are turning to react to the pursuing EF operative. Behind them, shards of E-3197 rapidly spill from the lens of the security camera above them. As it rises, it swipes at the Security officers, catching Meyers by the throat. He collapses, clutching his neck. Beckert fires upon and destroys E-3197.

B2: Stasis Cell-3197 - The camera glass is obscured and destroyed.

B2: Hallway Junction - The camera pans into the hallway in time to record E-3197 exit from its Stasis Cell. It is immediately met with gunfire by the EF operative and destroyed. Noticing the camera above, he raises his weapon. As the camera pans away, the hand of E-3197 shoots out from the reflective visor of his helmet.

Turning to face the hallway terminus, it can be seen that Beckert has fled toward the parking garage. The EF operative’s helmet rebounds off the wall as E-3197’s arm emerges. Gunfire shatters the arm. The EF operative strides into the hall, firing first on the visor to shatter it, and then at the camera, ending the feed.

B2: Garage 00:02 - 00:27 - The following events were compiled from the vantage points of several cameras positioned throughout this sub-level of the garage.

Beckert has taken cover behind a sedan far from the entrance door. As the EF operative enters, Beckert fires a warning shot. The assailant dives behind a nearby truck. As the Beckert prepares to unleash another volley of rounds, E-3197 leaps from the windshield of the sedan. Falling to the ground, Beckert manages to fire upon and destroy it.

Watching this unfold, the EF operative uses the butt of his rifle to shatter the windows of the vehicle and fires two rounds into the truck’s windshield just as E-3197 attempts to emerge from it.

Beckert and the EF operative exchange a round of shots, pausing intermittently as E-3197 repeatedly emerges from the windows of nearby vehicles. During the fray, a stray round strikes a pipe along the garage’s rafters, springing a leak.

Beckert can be seen yelling something at the EF operative. The assailant ignores this, and repositions behind the next vehicle, closing the distance to Beckert. The top half of E-3197 tears its way from the car window just above the EF operative and swipes at his head.

The window is shattered by gunfire from Beckert.

In the center of the room, a puddle begins to form from the leak. E-3197 leaps out and is met with gunfire from Beckert. It exits again and is put down a second time. A third. A fourth. Fifth. Sixth. Every time E-3197 shatters it immediately wrests itself from the puddle and charges Beckert. Upon its twelfth manifestation, Beckert attempts to fire to no avail, having expended all rounds.

It leaps, coming within inches of his position, before it explodes into useless shards.

The EF operative advances. He fires upon E-3197 as it repeatedly attempts to exit the puddle. The two are seen communicating, with Beckert looking on as the EF operative repeatedly destroys E-3197.

Beckert runs to the door, beside which is a cigarette receptacle. Removing the top, he carries the receptacle to the puddle, spilling sand across and obscuring it. E-3197 continues its assault by exiting from another vehicle's windshield.

Together, the pair move carefully through the sub-level, constantly under assault from E-3197. They are able to destroy the majority of windows and cameras as they progress. It is as they reach the far end of the garage that E-3197 explodes from within a humvee’s mirror, leaps out of the vehicle, and decapitates Beckert.

For the next ten minutes, the EF operative defends his position against E-3197 as it assaults him from various angles. Due to his deftness and reaction time, it is unable to reach him. He manages to finish destroying all reflective surfaces, save for the last remaining camera.

Standing before it, he raises his weapon.

At once, he jerks and reels back with a large expulsion of blood. Dropping his weapon, he brings his hands to his face, his left hand being immediately severed by the thrashing finger of E-3197 as it violently wrests itself from within his eye. In a matter of seconds, the entire entity emerges from within the EF operative’s eye, fully destroying it alongside a sizable portion of his head. As the operative collapses, still alive, E-3197 falls upon him.


FOB Rosomak remains under lockdown. E-3197 has been unable to escape the confines of sub-level B2. The sub-level is to be considered its active Stasis zone until such time that Agents can descend and capture it. It is further advised that personnel capturing E-3197 be blindfolded.


S D Locke

Mr. Illustrated


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