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Turn That Frown

Anomaly E-9436

Incident Log: On ████████████ a Mortfield recovery team of three operators was deployed to recover several documents stored in a former government server farm beneath Janowiec Castle in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.

The team was tasked with crossing the Vistula river from the west to gain entry into the town without local law enforcement's knowledge. Members were deployed at 01:43 local time about 16 kilometers west of Kazimierz Dolny. Radio silence began at 01:46 and the last contact with the team indicated they had begun to travel through the forests west of the Vistula under cover of darkness.

They never arrived at their destination.

16 hours later a second recovery squad was deployed in the same area to determine what had happened to the original team. After approximately 2 hours of searching, the remains of the original team were discovered. Each of the team members had been decapitated. The exact method of decapitation appeared exceptionally crude. The operator team noted that the surrounding fauna appeared to avoid the area with the original squad's bodies.

A previously unidentified deceased creature was also discovered alongside the bodies. This entity did not match any known descriptions of fauna. The entity was recovered alongside the bodies and examined by ████████████ at a local safe house. The following is an excerpt from the autopsy record of said entity:

  • Entity appears similar to a naked human, but rather than legs it possesses a pair of spindly wings.

  • Entity possesses several organs of unknown purpose. A fluid present in an extremely large gland near the chest is lighter than air. This fluid evaporated almost immediately upon exposure to air.

  • The back of the creature features a small bidirectional valve allowing the intake of air into an unspecified organ and a release of the fluid mentioned above. This organ also appears capable of converting air into the same fluid.

  • The mouth of the creature appears capable of enlarging to several times its resting size. Blood recovered from the teeth of the creature matches that of the deceased team members.

  • The stomach of the creature contains two partially digested human heads, confirmed as belonging to the original team members.

Following the recovery of the remains a number of interviews were conducted with local civilians to determine what knowledge of the anomaly they possessed. When the creature was described, numerous interview subjects relayed information relating to a local legend that describes a smiling creature that floats upside down with a pair of bone wings. The "uśmiech", as it has begun to be referred to by our own staff, was described as extremely hostile, carnivorous, and predatory.

It has been known to hunt the same target for hours at a time, remaining just out of reach of retaliation. The creature will eventually descend from above, impale the target with its bone wings and stretch its mouth around the head of its victim until they suffocate. Only after the victim stops struggling does the creature decapitate the body by biting down.

Most importantly, of course, is that they hunt in pairs. Which may explain why the head of the third team member was never recovered.


Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian

Michael Lee-Graham


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