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Anomaly C-5661


File no. MFA-C.5661-███████

Description: [EXPUNGED FROM RECORD] which has the effect of causing those afflicted to transmogrify into a variety of insects, vermin, reptiles, and associated pests over the course of 24 hours. To clarify, the subject will not wholly transform into a single instance, rather, their bones, skin, internal organs, etc will each individually transmute into an equally-dense menagerie of the aforementioned organisms. For example:

  • Subject 5661.9’s skull transmuted into roughly 215 cockroaches. While many were able to escape through various orifices, 34 perished inside the subject's cranium when the brain transmuted into a large cane toad.

  • Subject 5661.15’s eyes transmuted into 28 botfly larvae, which would begin to parasitize the flesh around the eye sockets until 5 hours later when the epidermis itself transmuted into 28 garter snakes.

  • Subject 5661.22’s circulatory system transmuted into innumerable centipedes of various species. Though some were retrieved for live study via draining them from an amputated forearm, most would die within the subject.

  • Subject 5661.31’s musculature transmuted into several dozen adult rats. The subject’s skin would writhe with their movements over the next three hours as they moved about inside, feeding on the surrounding tissues.

Apart from the nature of their genesis, organisms sourced from exposed persons have been found to be non-anomalous. Their behavior, biology, life expectancy, and diet do not deviate from what is standard for each species, and they are able to procreate, resulting in non-anomalous offspring.

While the affliction can target essential systems first, such as the lungs, heart, and brain, the body will remain alive throughout the entirety of the transfiguration process. Incineration has proved to be the sole method through which to terminate an afflicted person.

C-5661 remains an effective vector through all forms of communication both written and verbal. It has been found through test #17 that C-5661 is capable of imparting its anomaly through mere cognizance, as the subject was able to deduce C-5661 through an anagram without seeing C-5661 itself.

Though most subjects react appropriately to their condition, expressing pain, fear, revulsion, and discomfort until their expiration, approximately 12% of subjects (termed “Omega Vectors”) will not only accept but embrace their affliction, and will repeat C-5661 in an effort to expose more people. For this reason, all subjects are to be bound and gagged to prevent the intentional spread of C-5661.

Though composing a small fraction of subjects, Omega Vectors are responsible for the spread of C-5661 to over 110 individuals, many of whom were exposed shortly after C-5661’s discovery by civilian archaeologists. No demographic or physiological correlation has been found linking Omega Vectors, and interviews are impossible to conduct without the risk of spreading C-5661. It is unknown why Omega Vectors perceive C-5661 as a desirable experience.

Following the conclusion of testing, all instances of C-5661 were eliminated from internal documentation. All photographs and descriptions of the tablet C-5661 was inscribed upon have been incinerated. The dig site where C-5661 was first discovered has been commandeered and restricted to the public under the guise of archaeological preservation, and a disinformation campaign has been launched to explain away the loss of the original expedition.

Discussion is currently underway regarding the destruction of the tablet hosting C-5661 in order to prevent another outbreak.


S D Locke

Mr. Illustrated


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